Slingshot - Sling Wing V2 - orange - 5.4 m2

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  • Der Slingwing v2 ist einer der leichtesten und robustesten Wing auf dem Markt.
  • Der Wing ist schlank und verändert seine Breite nicht mit zunehmender Quadratmeter Zahl. Sondern nur seine Länge.
  • Cross Over Wing für paddle Boards, Skis und Snowboards, Skateboards.
  • Low end power hilft dir beim Start in tiefen Gewässern und bei allen Surfboard Größen.



1. Leading Edge Handle: Control the wing with one hand while luffing and riding swell, the soft material under the handle ensures your knuckles won’t scuff.

2. Wrist Leash Attachment Pigtail: Attach your leash with the pull through method or with a quick Larks Head Knot.

3. Y-Handle Wing Tensioners: Provide increased upwind angles and more powered jumping, while also functioning to keep the wingtips pulled in and the wing full of power under intense wind pressure.

4. 4x4 Canopy Material: Light and stiff with proven rip stop capability.

5. Consistent Wingspan: Limits wingtip drag even in the largest sizes.

6. Transfer Handle: Its Cross-Strut orientation makes use of simple ergonomic orientation for smooth transfersbetween luffing and powered riding.

7. Harness Line Attachment Pigtails: Quick connect / disconnect of your harness line.

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