FCS Dual All Purpose - red mood - 6'0

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FCS - Dual All Purpose - red mood

The lightest ?2 board short haul cover. Purposed designed for streamlined travel.


Cover Size  Max Board Length*  Max Board Width*  Cover Weight
6'0"              6'1"                              21 1/3" / 541mm         2.4kg

* Based on average board thickness to width ratio.

Lightweight: lightweight material to minimise boardbag weight. 10% lighter than previous model.

12mm High Density Padding on Rail: provides an extra tough layer of protection against impact.

10mm High Density Padding on Body: provides a tough layer of protection against impact.

Dual Density Rail Frame: absorbs impact to maximise rail protection.

Contoured 3DxFit: uses a unique ?armadillo? strip that not only provides ventilation, but keeps the bag snug and secure around your board.

Heavy Duty Polyester Skin: heavy duty outer layer for added protection.

Padded Rail Protection: internal layer of protection along the zipper path helps to prevent rail damage.

Expandable Fin Wing: allows you to carry your board with or without fins.

Ergonomic Shoulder Pad: double layered and vented to provide the ultimate in comfort and support.

Long-life Marine Zippers: durable, long-life moulded PK Delrin zipper built for strength, durability and resistance to seizing.

Airflow System: reduces internal heat, removes moisture, and maintains dryer internal compartments.

Internal Separation Sheet and Strap: separates and secures the boards in the cover.


Warengruppe: Boardbag
Farbe: Grau Rot
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